Thursday, May 8, 2008

Are you in Florida already?

Last night, mum told me that my bro in already in the States. Somewhere. Haha. But he's yet to reach his soon-to-be-home-for-the-next-2-months in Florida. But based on my calculations, he should be there already by now. *shouts to bro* Yo BRO, how's the weather there??

So, Florida... bro said the last time he went there, he visited NASA. Wow... the first thought that flashed in my mind upon hearing the 4 letter word was a spectacular rocket blasting up into the sky and out of the Earth's atmosphere.

Cool... Can I go too? Haha.

And he went to Disneyland as well. OH Disneyland... the land of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse!! Bro, if somehow you're reading this, please get me something nice okay. Don't come back empty-handed yeah. Haha. I'm counting on you! You da man! :p


Leopard said...

Yes, just arrived after an epic 2 day trip :-S

Nasa, well... dun go if there's no launch, coz all u get to see are videos.... and old retired rockets!:S

Disney is wonderful though :D

Supergirlfriend said...

Wah....2 day trip huh..Scary. Never mind lah...hope the trip was ok despite having to travel alone.. :p

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