Thursday, May 15, 2008

I would like to see Guess sponsoring my blog

You know, there's just so much to blogging that ignites the fire within me to keep on writing and writing and writing. Besides my blog being one of the places where I pour my heart and soul in, it's also a place where I enjoy spending my time the most - all thanks to the monetary rewards that bloggers can get nowadays.

There are certainly countless of brand names which I would love to see sponsoring my blog. But first and foremost, I would love to see Guess being on the list. Haha. Why you would probably ask. Well it's simple really. Guess is one of my favourite brand names, be it the Guess clothings, Guess watches, Guess handbags and pretty much everything that carries the brand name, Guess.

And of course, there should be Nike on my wishlist of blog sponsors as well because I adore Nike very very much! There's this really nice pair of Nike footwear that my mum bought for me years ago which is still in my keepsake till today. It goes everywhere with me! Haha. So having Nike as advertisers in, and at the same time have it sponsoring my blog, would definitely be of immense sentimental value to me.

Okay, and how about some Pepsi then? Pepsi would be good. Definitely one of my favourite soft drinks to date. I somehow prefer Pepsi over their tightest competitor. Maybe heavy endorsements by celebrities have something to do with it eh. *grins*

And if I were to pen down my entire wishlist in this post, it won't fit. I'm serious! There's just too many advertisers that I would like to see in And I would love to see some of those listed above being realised. If that were to happen, it would be out of this world!

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