Thursday, April 3, 2008

Little trick 'n' treats

As mentioned in my previous post, Supergirlfriend will be gradually converting this beautiful blog of hers into a place where she can virtually trick 'n' treat.

Yes. It's an experimental attempt to see how many ice-creams I can buy and how many meals I can pay with the little treats. Not many will like the idea of the conversion but hey, a lady's gotta do what she's gotta do. *shrugs*

But don't worry, I will try to coat my little treats with pots and pots of succulent honey to make it less difficult to swallow. This, I promise you. Sorry if I seem to be speaking in encrypted language. It's intentional really. Don't be mad yeah.

::: Zewt, found me at the location I gave you? Haha. *wink*



zewt said...

sorry... wrong comment just now...

for you...yes, i found the superheroes hide out already.

Supergirlfriend said... I suppose I'll be seeing you via the superheroes from now.. :p

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