Friday, April 4, 2008

When you bump into your gal pal-turned-foe

Supergirlfriend bumped into her ex-girl friend last weekend, which was very unfortunate. Yes. Note the "EX-". I hadn't noticed her initially until the girl formerly knowned as my gal pal tapped on my shoulders.

I turned around, surprised but all subsided all so quickly when I caught view of who tapped my shoulders. Oh, it's you. She was full of pretentiousness, warmly greeting my mum as well as Superboyfriend because well, she knows my mum and I know hers. Simple as that.

Oh well, cut the story short, she once again proved how b!tchy she was in the first place by playing the part of the lost and innocent good girl with those puppy eyes and chubby cheeks which I would most love to land my palm on.

Oh just be gone and cut the fake act already!

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