Monday, April 14, 2008

Can I skateboard to work too?

Just as Supergirlfriend was at Superboyfriends's office to drop him off at work, she saw something peculiar. From afar, against the long line of cars in front of me waiting to exit to Jalan Ampang, I saw a guy travelling at a relatively fast pace, almost like he's floating in the air!

WOW. Not an everyday sight.

The guy was apparently skateboarding, not just anywhere, but in the middle of the city centre! Double WOW. Someone was actually cool enough to skateboard to work! Arhhhhhhhh...............

I've always wanted to try skateboarding. But just never did. And seeing how that guy jumped from the road onto the sidewalk carrying his skateboard, it was too cool to be true. I was literally in awe watching him sway left and right, up and down with this very environmentally-friendly "vehicle".

Can I skateboard to work too?? Hahah.

Come to think about it, skateboarding to work can surely save me lotsa petrol money and time huh. And you get to arrive at work in style too! That is, if you don't get rammed by any crazy vehicles in KL along the way lah. Hahah.

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