Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My house is turning into a dumpster. Oh god.

No thanks to the insensitive people living under the same roof with Supergirlfriend, I found that my house, my sanctuary is fast becoming a dumpster! Oh god.

At one point, after returning from my mum's place over the weekend, the insensitive people living under the same roof somehow managed to pack on the rubbish till it eventually overflowed and became the perfect breeding ground for all sorts of yucky insects and bugs. Disgusting!

And poor me and Superboyfriend will always be the ones to get rid of the stink and rubbish at my house. Hey, we're not some Majlis Bandaraya okay? Throw the rubbish for God's sake! It's unbelieveable how lazy some people can actually be.

They can entirely ignore the stench and play the ignorance game till you eventually flag your white underwear and surrender! Oh, kill me.


willchua said...

Just zap them with your laser eye. You are super right? LOL

Supergirlfriend said...

I've ZAPPED them already, will...they just won't die!! Help!

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