Wednesday, April 23, 2008

People who just won't pay up their debts

Seriously, Supergirlfriend really gets very frustrated with these kinda people. Having such "friends" can most certainly drive you up the wall at times.

Some people I know can be this thick-skinned that they just won't pay up their debts to you despite coming face to face with you every single day. And also despite getting reminded to the state of actually getting scolded from you.

Man! When they need something from you, they beg you, they lick your boots, they slap themselves. You feel sorry for them.

But when it comes to paying up? They can play the forgetful act very nicely. If you are one of those who have the tendency to owe people stuff, it's seriously payback time. You use my money in advance, you borrow some stuff from me, you gotta pay up! Cut out the act.

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