Thursday, April 10, 2008

Where's my Burberry bag??

Okay, enough said about the obsession to become fairer. After standing in front of the mirror to mirror myself, I decided that the mirror reflection I see off the mirror is indeed fair enough to be the ultimate tau-foo-fah!

So now now, let's move on to something else here shall we? Just recently, my buddy who tiu fei kei (jump aeroplane) in the UK bought a Burberry Beaton Baby House Check bag during the spring & summer sales there for 950 pauns.

950 pauns?




Wait. 950 pauns????

Oh god. Wow. My bag's all broken and I can't even bear to part with RM100 to buy a new L.O.V.E bag! Kill me please.

OH. The bag looks so stunning even in the photos. Can't wait to land my hands on one of those berry berry babies! Please drop a Burberry Beaton Baby House Check bag from the sky to me today? Pleaseeeeee.......... I promise to be a really really good girl from this second onwards.

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