Friday, April 25, 2008

Love the weather these days

Supergirlfriend simply loves the weather in KL these days. It rains most of the time - nearly everyday - making the air more cooling and thus, relaxing.

I was talking to Superboyfriend the other day about the weather pattern of late. I honestly felt it has changed a lot. Definitely more rain now, but on those really hot days... they can get really really HOT huh. Burning onto your skin, making it very itchy at times when exposed to it.

And furthermore, I've got sensitive skin. Once I get exposed to too much of the ridiculously hot weather outside, my face turns really red like it's gonna explode! Which is why I tend to stay indoors most of the time in air-conditioned room from morning till mid day.

And once the sky turns drastically dark and stormy in the evening, that will be the time I get my butt out. Hahah.

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