Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Stop doing that, you psycho!

Uh oh. How did she became like this??? *worried look*

I just caught my housemate doing something really awkward. Want to know what she did? I don't even know how to describe it when I first saw her doing it. I just looked at her dumbly for a few long seconds before pulling myself together to mutter something like, "ei, what are you doing??"

I saw a kiddo's colouring book and a whole load of colour pencils on her bed. She was laying down on her bed holding an orange coloured colour pencil and happily colouring away at a picture of a cartoon bear or something.

I seriously did not know what to say when I saw her doing that. Yeah, THAT. How do you explain a 25-year-old laying down on bed, colouring a colouring book she PURPOSELY bought to colour???? Could you?? *in shock*

Now I'm getting afraid. Maybe I should really put an additional lock on my door just in case. Yeah. Just in case... Haha. :p



zewt said...

yeah.... your housemate might come to you and say... mommy, i want milk....

Supergirlfriend said...

HAHA...okay..this calls for an additional, additional lock! :p

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