Thursday, January 17, 2008

This is goodbye to all of you -- my good friends

I bid thou adieu.

Now that I can see what appears to be a mission to alienate me for some unknown reasons, shouting out "WHAT I'VE DONE" isn't going to change anything anymore.

For some mysterious reasons, I just got to know that my bunch of old "pals" are no longer my pals anymore. Those whom I literally grew up with. Those whom I played together with. Those whom I shared my happiness and tears during my younger years. Those who were my childhood friends.

I've got a bunch of them. A strong clique of 5 ppl. Sad to say, I guess everyone has taken different directions in life. I have decided that I can no longer be on the same boat as them. No point facing each other when at the end of the day, as a matter of fact, I'm no longer regarded as one of them.

Time to put my past behind me and cherish my good friends and my loved ones before me. I didn't lose 5 good friends. I just lost some really good feelings about them. Sad, but that's life.



Kah Yin said...

hey, i knw its a bit weird to comment on ur 3 months ago entry.. But in some ways, I kinda know how it feels.

Friends u used to called BEST FRIEND are no longer urs.

Im struggling although its been 7 months since what happened.

Do u believe in second chance?

Supergirlfriend said...

Hello Kah Yin, no worries about commenting on my old posts. Haha.

I do believe in second chances. I've given my friends not once but plenty. But then again, they still disappointed me time and time again. It didn't mean that the second chances that I gave them was a silly move, it only proved to me that I made the right decision to end the friendship.

If you have given them the second chance and they still failed you, then try to move on happily with your life.

Over time, you will find even better friends who are 100 times better than the so-called best friends. I found mine. Maybe you can do it too. :)

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