Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I can't go through a week without shopping. HELP!

Supergirlfriend gives shopaholics a brand new term. They suffer from Shopping Compulsive Behaviour. Meaning, they can't leave a shop without buying anything - anything at all! :p

I used to be one shopper who cannot resist the temptation of buying- yes, anything at all!. Initially, it was this little voice inside me that urges me to go for "exploratory shopping" a.k.a window shopping. Ended up buying something of course. :p

Then, this little voice turned louder and triggered this desire to own more things - yes, again, anything at all!. The more you buy, the more you feed the desire. And it kinda grew and grew till I can't go through the week without shopping!

New shoes every week. New clothes every week. But after using them for once or twice, they would end up sitting at some dark corner sobbing away because their owner has changed her taste. And I would feel guilty about it for a while. But the cycle continues.

One financial disaster was all it takes to kill off that compulsive behavior. ONE MAJOR FINANCIAL crisis which left me crippled for good at that time. Thinking back, thank god for that crisis, otherwise, I wouldn't have gotten out of being a compulsive shopper! Haha. :p



sabrina said...

God i'm goin thru this phase now!

Now that i've started working, i seem to buy anything that catches my eye...especially shoes!! Damn them buggers for creating such beautiful, irresistable shoes!!!

jam said...

I won't be that bad if one has strong financial background.

Sharon said...

ermm i used to be something like that too, didnt change much haha.. i know how it feels SO WELL, i'm still drying to drop the habit :(

Supergirlfriend said...

hey sabrina, haha..you're definitely not alone. A lot of people close to me are going that shopaholic phase as well! Yeah, damn those pretty shoes! Blame it on the shoes..Haha. :p

hi jam, yeah but still it's rather unhealthy on the long run really. Cos you'll end up buying lotsa things you don't need at all. Haha..Bad bad... :)

hey sharon, yeah..it sure feels good rite. But I didn't quite like how it drained much of my resources just like that. Ended up with RM0 most of the time then. Haha.. :p

dreckker said...

I don't usually go for clothing stuff... but IF i set my eyes on things like handphones, electronic/gadgets for my car or computer stuff... habislah all my money...

Supergirlfriend said...

haha..yeah, dreckker. I can see your point. N95 heh...Cannot help it rite??? *grins* :p

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