Monday, January 7, 2008

The faceless GHOST appearing in broad daylight!

Where's your face?? Were your eyes supposed to be like this? How come your nose isn't that high anymore? I thought your lips were much fuller!

OMG! You look so different without make-up! No eye-liner, no foundation powder, no lipstick, no eye shadow, no blushes, no concealer ... and you lost your face??
You're turning into a pale, faceless ghost I'm telling you. And I don't appreciate getting scared in broad daylight!

This girl friend I know never used to have the habit of using make-ups or any cosmetics. She's only like 25?? Girls don't even need thick make-up at that age! Maybe some simple make-up should do the trick.

I once saw her without make-up and it nearly freaked me out! She had pimple scars all over her cheeks (which she took the trouble to conceal it with thick foundation every single time) and she looked awfully pale! She didn't even have acne problems in the past!

Stop the thick make-up and let your facial features return to how they used to be. Scary!


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