Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Back to SCHOOL tomorrow...Now only want to rush for hair cut!

Supergirlfriend just had her curly locks trimmed yesterday. Needed to get rid of split ends since her hair has reached Rapunzel-like lengths... Haha. So I went to my family's hair stylist yesterday for a little cut here and there.

Strangely, I noticed that the shop is flooded with lots of kids! Thank goodness I made an appointment earlier on to get that instant VIP treatment. Yes, life is not fair. :p

OH. Just then I realized that kids are getting back to school tomorrow.


First day of school? How cute! All these rascals. Leaving their hair long like rockers and now only wanna rush to get their hair cut ar? Want to style like David Beckham lah, Cristiano Ronaldo lah. Macam macam.

Kids these days...

Let's celebrate "GET BACK TO SCHOOL" day tomorrow! Yaaaaaaay.....! Haha. :p



jam said...

Wes Brown hairstyle better!

Supergirlfriend said...

yeah, jam..such a good idea..haha..maybe rio ferdinand's would be better! More cost effective and can tahan longer...hehe.. :p

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