Friday, January 11, 2008

GUYS, don't mess with women wearing high heels

No, it's not because women with 3-inch high heels can hurt your balls with a kick aimed right to your little bro and scrotum!

And NO, it's not because those heels can put a hole through your feet. Haha. :p

Because women with high heels have proven themselves as people who can endure PAIN. Yeah, PAIN. Any men worn those stilettos before? Know how it feels like to wear those beautiful looking pair of fragile things?

The moment you slip on your pair of 3-inch high stilettos, you feel high and mighty. The muscles on your calves and thighs feel tighter and more toned, obviously making your legs look slimmer and longer.

By the next 10 minutes after wearing them, you feel the slight strain pulling at your leg muscles. You ignore the strain.

By the next hour if you're still standing or walking with your killer heels, your legs feel like giving up already. The pain is constant and you're struggling to stand still.

After that, your leg slowly becomes numb from the pain. The chances of you twisting your ankle becomes much higher by now because your muscles are feeling more strained. But you try hypnotizing yourself, telling yourself "the pain is nothing".

Tell me. If girls can actually force themselves to endure this kind of PAIN, don't you think they're really tough and kick-a$$ people?

Guys, you'd better think twice before messing up with girls wearing 3-inch high heels. *grins*



hcfoo said...

well, unless the heels are broken :p

Anonymous said...

Yeah I wouldn't mess with them. They are sick in the head.

They endure the pain for "fashion", which is basically impressing other girls, and maybe guys.

Why do you think "fuck me" heels exist.

They spend hundreds (thousands) of dollars on a piece of footwear with very little material, endanger their posture and back and health.

Sick in the head, man. Sick in the head.

You're right, guys should definitely steer clear of them. Give me a chick in a comfortable pair of reasonably-priced sneakers with a pronounceable brand name. That already speaks volumes about her higher affinity for practicality and intelligence.

Supergirlfriend said...

hcfoo, haha...but hey, don't forget some high heels come with a sharp shop tip at the front too. :p

anonymous, thank god I live on flip flops, flats and NIKE shoes! :p

CY said...

This post is really painful to read :P

Agree with anon, the girl's own comfort should come first.

Supergirlfriend said...

hey cy, yeah..and that makes me agree with you too! Hehe. That's why flip flops work the best for me..COMFORTABLE! :p

jam said...

Are you wearing one yourself?

Supergirlfriend said... I'm not wearing one myself, jam. Well I used to have quite a few pairs until I gave up on them. Now I'm kinda settled with flip flops, flats and sometimes sneakers. :p

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