Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Stupid and b*tchy friends (eeeeek! cannot stand them!)

I hate friends who are soooooooo b*tchy and act indifferent towards me that they truly deserve a spanking ill mention in my blog! :p

This was what happened not too long ago. November being the season for births, many of my friends are born this month. One of them just celebrated her birthday yesterday and I caught her online just now.

So, since she's another of my old, used-to-be-close friends, I decided to buzz her and wish her a happy birthday. And this was how our conversation went:

Supergf : Hey...Happy birthday!!!
B*tch : Oh. Hi.

Supergf :'s your birthday girl! So, planning to celebrate it with your family or our friends tonight?
B*tch : Family. Friends last week.

Supergf : Oh, wah..last week celebrated already ar. ( feeling offended now that she hadn't invited me) With WY and BS they all is it? How are they?
B*tch : Ok.

Supergf : You ok? You working today?
B*tch : No.

(by this time, Supergirlfriend is kinda pissed off with B*tch already, after having been greeted with strings of short, cold uninterested answers)

Supergf : You busy or anything?
B*tch : No.

(Supergf tries to stay calm)

Supergf : You sure you ok?
B*tch : Ya.

Supergf : Am I disturbing you or anything?
B*tch : No.

I decided to end the conversation there and then.

B*tches. Dunno why b*tches tend to be so annoying.
What the hell happened to her?? Is she computer dumb or busy surfing porn sites that she doesn't have time to give me answers other than ya or no.

Dumb ppl. Jeez!



jam said...

Since they dun care replying to your questions, why you bother so much! Less expectation leads to happier life, haha!

She's Jess said...

Oh ya, exactly.

Why waste time on people whom you called as friends making conversations like such?

Supergirlfriend said...

Haha..Jam, that's a really good advice. Should've taken it much earlier from you. Friends like that are not worth it at all..Better make myself happier! :p

Supergirlfriend said...

She's Jess, well...she used to be a good friend of mine, that's why I even made that conversation..Hehe..But well, guess I've learned my lessons there. :)

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