Tuesday, December 11, 2007

You are SO CHEAP!

And why do I say that?

My rich housemate, Rac just returned from her one-week holiday trip to Japan.

BUT the thing that I get sooooo pissed off is when she left 4 items on my bed. You must be wondering what they are right? Maybe a bagful of chocolates? Or some fridge magnets? Or...you know, decent souvenirs that can pass off as souvenirs...

Instead, those 4 items are:

:: 1 little miniature box (the size of a match box) of little chocolates
:: Another little miniature box of little chocolates - coffee flavour
:: 1 small pack that consists of 1 rice cracker
:: Another small pack of that 1 piece of rice cracker

What do you think? Are these souvenirs or free gifts she got on the airplane since she's flying first class? And those 4 items are to be shared with Superboyfriend! OMG. She is so cheap!

I'm perfectly fine if she's not able to get any souvenirs since I can go and get them myself next year, BUT this is an INSULT!

You call those souvenirs meh? Even my friend who went to Shanghai got me a nice fridge magnet! I'm sure some of you must be saying, "Wah, this girl here is so ungrateful for what she's received". But the thing is. I would rather get nothing at all, than to get a couple of items that looked like...miserable freebies! *sigh*



dreckker said...

I agree with you girl... those stuff don't pass as souvenir gifts... at least get something authentic representing Japan like a shirt/wristband or even keychains...

Supergirlfriend said...

yeah, dreckker..I absolutely agree with you. Even a keychain will pass with flying colours as a souvenir. What was she thinking??!! Haha.. :p

Rebecca said...

Hey,u've got a partner..
I celebrated ma bday n i was insulted with one of ma frens gift.It was a half horse and its got nothing to do with me nor my bday...I was sooo pissed off i juz threw it of,i broke it!!!I bet she got it for Rm 1.. It made me feel relieved...i juz dunno y??? Out of soo many things, she got me sumthing like dat...Hmm..whatever!!!

Supergirlfriend said...

Oh man, your experience sounds even worse than mine. At least I can still eat those little chocolates. But what the heck does a half horse mean? You a sagittarius or sth? But anyway, I would've been pissed off too if I were you, Rebecca. :p

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