Thursday, July 24, 2008

Are you financially fit?

With the price increase in every single item on the market, including basic commodities such as oil, rice, sugar and poultry, it's no wonder that everyone is feeling the pinch of a thinner wallet. Many big corporations have already started their retrenchment regime to cut down on the cost for salary payout of workers.

As everyone is gearing up for the worst of the economic depression, are you financially fit to withstand it all? If you have never been one who has a habit of saving money, it's really high time that you start adopting such measures to help you deal with the tightening situation.

And with the fuel increase and all, you should really consider whether or not you're still capable of maintaining a vehicle. I mean, seriously... if you don't think you can stomach the increase, perhaps it's really time to free the highway and hit the public transportation AND stop complaining after that. Besides that, you can also try cutting down on eating out and start cooking more at home. It's so much more healthier that way, both for you and your financial health!


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