Monday, July 28, 2008

Benefit from Cisco Certification

With major companies on a retrenchment roll and fresh graduates entering the market with barely sufficient practical skills, just how do you stay competitive when it comes to job hunting? This is especially true if you're in the IT line. With constantly evolving technology and day-to-day discoveries, those working in IT must always equip themselves - much like how medical doctors do - with the latest skills in the industry.

And even if you're not exactly in a field that is devoted to IT, being computer literate is a key skill that will definitely make you more immensely marketable. Therefore, getting the Cisco certification will indeed boost your chances in getting the job you desire, and most definitely a job that pays much better and holds higher regard. Advancing your career today is a must, and to do so, Cisco certification can come in really handy.

You can join other IT professionals in this fabulous social learning community to enhance and advance your career in IT. Through the Cisco Learning Network, you can browse technical content and share insights, ideas, opinions and knowledge with the network. What's more, you can even get timely news pieces and knowledgeable perspectives from experts on technology, IT and of course, networking.

So what are you waiting for? Come participate in this very exciting network to discover how Cisco can help you advance in your career!

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