Saturday, July 12, 2008

Some people just have a weird taste in fashion

I know fashion is a really subjective thing, and something that I'd probably see as beautiful may not look the same in someone else's eyes. And I understand that. But I just find it a little hard to accept that there are some people who would actually go on a crazy spending spree to buy weird plasticky bags that serve no sense of high fashion or even practical use as they are simply just too hard, too PVC-like and bulky to carry around.

I love bags, especially totes. And to see a tote like that is so truly... *ahem*... a pain in the a$$, OMG. Why would someone waste RM600 for 3 of those horrendous looking things? Mind you, they are from a branded label bought from one of the boutique stores in Pavilion and another in the Gardens.

This is the brand that's responsible... Nice angle. :p

WHY?? With all the money you have, girl... you can easily afford something that looks so much better than that! And I would never even think of buying those plastic totes for any price at all. Seriously, I could've easily picked out something (or anything!) that looks a lot nicer for that amount of money spent.

But like I said earlier, fashion is indeed a very subjective thing. Sigh...

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