Saturday, July 26, 2008

You call that a pick-up line?

There was once when an anonymous guy randomly called me up and started rambling away about how he liked my work and that he's interested to know more about what I can do. Well since he could possibly be a potential client, I decided to go along with the conversation even though the guy does sound kind of strange and his voice somehow made me unsettled.

After some initial questions about my work, the man however shifted his attention away from work to personal questions. He paused and said, "Maybe we can go out and meet to discuss about your work. I love your work..." and started breathing heavily over the phone. You know, the kind of breathing that exudes such pretentious sexiness that screams "PERVERT!" in all directions. Puzzled and very much disturbed by the intrusion into my privacy, I decided that this guy isn't serious about my work after all and had merely wanted to throw me a bunch of stupid pick-up lines. Next thing I did, I 'sayonara'-ed him and with a touch of a button on my mobile, the pervert was gone. Man, you call that a pick-up line? And to think people would actually stoop to using such methods to get a girl. Get a life, jerk! Absolutely no Victory Hair for you.

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