Sunday, August 3, 2008

Flirt your way to make Victory Hair

Everyone flirts when they meet someone they are attracted to. It's just a very natural, or some even say, a rather subconscious effort to gain the interest and attention of the person whom you're after. So, it's all good that you should express your liking through flirting. Get creative, but at the same time, remember to be yourself. As first impression is always or most often judged by one's physical attributes, be constantly prepared with a hair to impress!

And if you're wondering how Victory Hair can be yours? Simple. Look into the mirror and check out your mane. Just run your fingers wildly through your hair with the fabulous Extreme Style by VO5 products, and voila! the first step towards Victory Hair is achieved!

Now that you're looking all drop-dead gorgeous with your wild mane, go look for your special someone and start flirting away. Treat your special someone to a nice, light meal and work your magic from there. A chat or two later, and before you know it, your hair gets all messed up in a wild, wild date and Victory Hair is achieved!

But then again, the thing about flirting is that, it's all about practice, practice, practice! So how about playing the Ultimate Flirting Championship to brush up on your flirting skills eh? Can you out-flirt your opponents? This simple flirting game is really fun and it has sure got my funny bones all tickled. Haha. So come on and try it!

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