Monday, December 17, 2007

I love MEN & the Barclays PREMIER LEAGUE

You know, being the female species and the other half of an ardent MU fan kinda creates room for me to explore how football or more specifically, the Barclays (English) Premier League actually affects the male species.


I can't say I'm not a football fan. I love the game and I love the fact that there are 22 gorgeous hunks carrying their 6-packs around one big field chasing after one little ball.

And don't underestimate me. I know how football works. I know what's an offside and how it occurs. I know what's a dangerous tackle that will send the macho men wimping off the field in pure embarrassment after being boo-ed. I know what's a head butt. I know a lot.

But what seriously works for me abt football is when a guy friend told me over the MU vs Liverpool game last night that football is the only place where you can see full-grown macho men scream their balls off, pull their hair in frustration, get all excited, dejected, some even cry - all in one game!

What a passion! Guys think 100 times before they drop a tear in front of girls but never hold a second of thought when they cry over a game lost!

I love the game. :p

Btw, congrats MU! Liverpool, I feel sorry for you in a way after having played such a highly attacking game last night. Look at how bad you guys tortured Van Der Sar. Bad bad...



zewt said...

i like how you described it as passion...:)

oh... i watched a video that says... girls who know what offside is are usually 'guy'... hehe..

Supergirlfriend said...

haha..really???? what kinda video is that?? hate you, zewt. You are so bad. I'm a 100% straight girl! ngeh ngeh ngeh ngeh... :p

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