Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Are you game enough for the Ultimate Flirting Championship?

Flirting undeniably needs a certain amount of skills and of course, looks. I mean, you can't be seriously flirting in your baggy PJs and messy morning look, can you? So besides natural smooth-talking skills to boost your chances, having the right looks for the right occasion at the right place counts too!

As for me, I wouldn't exactly say I'm a flirtatious person since I'm already attached to *ahem* my Superboyfriend. But I would understand standard non-verbal flirting gestures to include playing with your hairdo, sensually biting your lips, baiting your target with eye contact and lowering your gaze. Those moves get stereotyped so much in the media these days that when you see girls doing just that, you'll know what she's up to right away.

I, for one would think that getting it right is just a matter of one simple gesture, besides the oh-so-perfect hairdo to suit the occasion, of course. That one gesture is... SMILE! When you smile, you naturally brighten up people's day. So girls, laugh more, smile more and your cheerful disposition will most certainly attract the right interest from others.

How about this huh? Victory Hair with the smile...

Since we're into flirting now, why not try your hand at Extreme Style by VO5's Ultimate Flirting Championship? You can just play this game through the widget that I've provided in this post. And if you're really into this championship, you can even grab this widget and put it on your blogs! Have fun...

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