Saturday, July 19, 2008

DO NOT work with this company because they don't pay!

DO NOT work or be associated in any manner with this company, ME Translation Services located in Putra Heights, Subang Jaya.

This certain man who goes by the name of Yusmy, who in fact runs a one man show for his company, is unreliable and DOES NOT PAY for freelancing work. Please steer clear from this man and this company if you are being approached to help out on any writing job.

If you are reading this as a client who is looking for companies that provide copywriting, translation and web services, PLEASE DO NOT go for ME Translation Services. The man knows nothing about all those services and will most likely mark up his charges to cover his costs in hiring another freelancer to work on your job.

His shitty website already speaks volume for what kind of lousy, dated website design services or even writing services he could possibly provide. Makes you kinda wonder why such shitty shithole companies do exist and clutter up the business arena in the first place.

Oh, I know... because with shit companies like these, people like me actually stand a chance at winning a bigger client base! I believe the truth will prevail in the end. And there will be judgment day.

Disclaimer: This piece of warning is written with reference to my own personal experience with this company and may or may not be applicable to anyone else who may come in contact with this company. The choice to heed or ignore this warning is absolutely your own right and I shall have no part or be held responsible for any outcome of your decision. Good luck!

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